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Digital Earth Tester Model:TES-1605 Cat.No:
Capable of measuring earth voltage.
Data hold function.
Auto power off function:
The timer operates automatically about 3 minutes when the " Test Button Switch " are pressed to keep the tester power on.
2mA measuring current permits earth resistance tests without tripping earth leakage current breakers in the circuit under test.
In addition to the facility for precision measurement, test leads for simplified two wire measuring system also supplied as standard accessories.
Automatic warning when resistance of auxiliary earth spike is in excess of tolerance.
Designed to meet IEC1010-1 safety standard.
Zero ohm adjustment.

Measuring Range and Accuracy ( at 23 ⊥ and 45-75%RH )
Function Measuring range Accuracy Overload Protection
Earth Voltage 0 ~ 199.9V (50Hz, 60Hz) +/- (1%rdg+4dgts) 300Vrms / 1 minute

Earth Resistance 0 ~ 19.99 次 +/- (2%rdg+0.2 次 ) 200Vrms / 10 seconds

0 ~ 199.9 次 +/- (2%rdg+3dgts)
0 ~ 1999 次

Current Consumption ( typical Value with battery voltage of 9V )
Range ON
20 次 / 200 次 /2000 次

Earth V 18mA

General Specification
Safety Standard
IEC1010-1 overvoltage category III , IEC 61557

3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display with a maximum reading of 1999.

Insulation Resistance More than 5M W between the circuit and the housing case
when measured with 300VDC

Withstand Voltage 3700CV AC for 1 minute between the circuit and the housing
Timer (Auto power off) about 3 minutes.
Dimensions 165(L) x 100(W) x 57(H)mm
Weight Approx. 500g (with battery).
Power Source DC 9V (6' 1.5V size "AA" battery or equivalent).
Over range Indication " 1- - - - " will be shown on the LCD panel when out of range
measurement is made.
Operating Temperature and Humidity 0 ⊥ to 40 ⊥ (32 沈 to 104 沈 F) , below 80% RH.
Storage Temperature -10 ⊥ to 60 ⊥ (14 沈 to 140 沈 )
Accessories Test leads Auxiliary--> 1 Set , Auxiliary earth spikes--> 2 Pcs ,
Batteries, AA, R - 6P or equivalent--> 6 Pcs , Carring case --> 1 Pcs.

Digital Earth Tester Model:TES-1605

Digital Earth TesterTES-1605
Clamp On Ground Resistance Tester Model:ZH4/W6870 Cat.No:
Basic functionRange﹛
Range of Measurement 0.01次‵1000次
Jaw Specification Long:65x32mm
Range Select Auto
Display 4-digital LCD
Jaw Caliber 28mm
Resolution 0.001次
Date Hold ﹟
Manual/Auto Power Off ﹟General FeaturesBattery Type 1.5(5#)x4
Dimension 293℅90℅66mm
Weight 320g
Clamp On Ground Resistance Tester Model:ZH4/W6870

Clamp On Ground Resistance TesterZH4/W6870

T:+86 10 62976691/62965544-249/13901136645/18910282270 F:+86 10 62981256