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Ross Pneumatic Valve - 2773B7001 Model:W2299 Cat.No:W2299
3/2, normally closed, single solenoid pilot


High Air Flow of Pilot (CV=0.3) Ensures Rapid Valve Response
Short-Stroke, Lightweight Valve Elements Give Quick Response

Self-Cleaning Poppet Design Tolerates Dirty Air

Dimension A: 6.7 (in) ; 169 (mm)

Dimension B: 4.9 (in) ; 123 (mm)

Dimension C: 10.4 (in) ; 264 (mm)

Weight: 7.0 (lb) ; 3.2 (kg)

Function 1: 3/2

Function 2: Normally closed

Thread Male/Female: Female

Available Thread Form: NPT; G; JIS

Pipe Size (In): 1-1/4

Pipe Size (Out): 1-1/4

Pipe Size (Exh): 1-1/2

Mounting Type: Line

Actuation Single Solenoid Pilot

Construction: Poppet

Average Cv (In to Out): 30.0

Average Cv (Out to Exhaust): 32.0

Actuation Air assisted spring return

Available Standard Voltage: 100-110 volts 50 HZ; 100-120 volts 60 HZ; 24 volts D.C.; 110 volts D.C.

Inlet Pressure Range: 15 TO 150 PSIG (1 TO 10 BAR).

Pilot Pressure Range: Pilot Pressure must be equal to or greater than inlet pressure.

Indicator Lights: Optional

Power Consumption: 87 VA inrush, 30 VA holding on 50 or 60 Hz; 14 watts on D.C.

Ambient Temperature Range: 40 TO 120 F (4 TO 50 C)

Media Temperature Range: 40 TO 175 F (4 TO 80 C)

Flow Media: Filtered Air.

Manual Override: Flush, rubber (non-locking)

External Pilot Supply: No - convertible

Wiring Type: Hard wired (1/2 inch conduit)

Ross Pneumatic Valve - 2773B7001 Model:W2299

Ross Pneumatic Valve - 2773B7001W2299
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