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EE85 Duct Probe CO2 Model:Midwest-EE85-2Cx Cat.No:W107378
CO2 Transmitter for duct mounting; measuring range 0..2000ppm

EE85 Duct Probe CO2 Model:Midwest-EE85-2Cx
EE85 Duct Probe CO2 m107378
Gas Sensors m107388
LonWorks Communicating Sensors m107398
EE10 Wall Mount Humidity & Temp m107408
EE10 Wall Mount Humidity & Temp m107418
Air Velocity Switch m107428
Temperature m107438
On/Off Contoller m107448
High Precision Digital Barometer m107458
Series YW Non-sparking Three Phase m107468
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer - REPLACEABLE CARTRIDGE DO SENSOR m107478
Cam Mobile eels / 9mm m107498
Single Universal C Band LNBF m107508
Single Channel NIR Absorption Turbidity Sensor - In Line m107518
Single Channel NIR Absorption Probe m107528
Single Wavelength UV Absorption Sensor - In Line m107538
Metriscan Bone Densitometer (BMD) Bone Density Machine m107548
Automatic Abrasive Cutter m107558
Underwater detection - Underwater - Submarine detection m107568
Cell Sorter m107578
14.1 inch panel LED m107588
Hydrogen Generator - Mega Brick m107598
55 AMP Ultra Duty PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) For HHO Kits m107618
Multi-Trigger Digital Delay Generator m107628
50MHz Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator m107638
Turbomolecular Pumps Turbo-V 81-M m107648
Portable gas detector/portable oxygen gas detector (o2) m107658
Component Remote Test Fixture m107668
Chip Component Tweezers m107678
Meridian Cable Tester m107688
Meridian High Voltage Expansion Box- HORIZON USERS MUST USE C03 or C06 exp cables m107698
Horizon Cable Tester m107708
Guardian AC/DC/IR/Scanner m107718
Sentry PLUS Series Hipot Testers (CE Mark) m107728
Scanner, 8 Channel HV, rack mount m107738
Isolation Transformer m107748
Hematology 5 part analyzer system m107758
Wideband Discone m107768
EM-7020, EM-7021, EM-7022 Antennas, Octave Band Horn m107778
Portable Pocket Balance m107788
Combination set (PNT COMBI+ and pH meter pH 3000) m107798
Pocket-Tester m107808
Continuous Monitoring of Conductivity Flow Control m107818
Climate Meter: Temperature Humidity/Carbon Dioxide m107828
Humidity and temperature logger with 2 internal sensors m107838
Metal Thermometer m107848
Indoor/outdoor thermo/hygro meter m107858
Radio Controlled Rain-Gauge m107868
Tensiometers with Analog Display m107878
Stony Hand Soil Auger m107888
High Capacity HEPA Abatement RRP Vacuum m107898
Patient Monitor - Vital Signs Monitor m107908
Storage Boxes - 2 Pig Pen Box Beta m107918
Octave Band Horn Antenna m107928
Process Hydrogen Analyze m107938
Leaf Clips for Dark Adaptation m107948
Intrinsically Safe Area Hydrogen Monitor m107958
Satlook TV Instrument m107968
Fusion Splicer m107978
Liquid-Phase Photosynthesis & Respiration Measurement m107988
Continuous Excitation Chlorophyll Fluorimeter m107998
Universal Pumps - Air Check Sampler m108008
Bentho Torch m108018
Chlorophyll measuring instrument with algae class differentiation m108028
Humidity Sensor m108038
Laboratory pH-meter m108048
Conductivity/Salinity Meter m108058
Mutltifunction Laboratory Meter m108068
Car Body Tester m108078
Helios Solar Weather Station m108088
Ribbon Fiber Arc Fusion Splicer m108098
Infinity Emergency Flashlight m108108
Welding Fume Extractor -WFE m108118
API Thermo-Hydrometers (at 60F m108128
API Plain ASTM Hydrometers m108138
Compact Hygrometer m108148
Vibration Data Collector m108158
Super Economy Digital Panel Meter m108168
Charger for Pen Dosimeters m108178
Pressure Tranducers m108188
Glucose & Lactate Analyzer m108198
Insta Test Pool Strips m108208
The Integrated Corrosion Management System m108218
Single Test Absorbance Meter m108228

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